Arthur “Tweet” Williams Was My Friend. His Family Needs Your Help.

Today there will be no pitch for books or likes. Instead, I want to ask your help. I’d like you to click this link and donate to a fund to help bury my friend Arthur “Tweet” Williams. My friend Tweet … Continue reading

Master At Arms Second Class Mark Mayo Is A Hero.

I spent a lot of time the last few days reading about MA2 (Master At Arms Second Class) Mark Mayo and his heroic defense of his shipmates on the USS Mahon during an incident involving a civilian intruder. He was … Continue reading

Deep Breath – Ready? Let’s Talk Navy Yard Shooting And Keep It Calm.

Before we step even one inch into this topic, I’d like to offer my condolences to the victims in the shooting at the Washington Navy Yard. My mother (who is a kind and wonderful woman) sent me an email last … Continue reading

Happy Birthday, United States Navy

As most of you know I was a proud member of the U.S.N. from 1984-1989. Today is the Navy’s 237th birthday (Or, as they call it to this day in San Angelo, Texas, Kent Kraemer Day (you had to be … Continue reading