I Just Realized: It’s Not Left Or Right That’s The Problem – It’s Elitists.

Let me clear the air by first admitting that I’m way smarter than most other people and I’m not shy about it.

Not the kind of thing people usually say, much less believe of themselves – unless they’re honest.

I will never be the best employee at any place I work. Nor will I be the smartest. Walking down the street, I pass people who are smarter than I am on a regular basis. I’m not even as smart as some of the homeless guys I know. I haven’t written the best book you’ll ever read. (I like Shibumi way more than my own stuff.)

But I know that I’m still smarter than the average person. And, I wrote a book. I’ve also held jobs ranging from dishwasher to author, with stops along the way to be a Cryptologic Technician, computer specialist, forklift driver, temporary secretary, etc. God blessed me with a pretty substantial brain. I may not be the best in everything, but I do know a moderate amount about a really wide range of topics. I enjoy hanging out with others who have that gift as well. They don’t need to have any more than a grade-school education, maybe even not that much. Heck, some of them are illiterate. But all of them are curious people who listen and think. Those are my true friends.

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But none of them are truly elites. I know some really wealthy people as well as the poor. I know some people are ranked up there in the world of competitive chess. I also know more than my fair share of authors. But none of them has ever acted like an elite.

Elites, in my definition, are those smarmy animals that look down their nose at us commoners because we didn’t attend an Ivy League school, didn’t belong to the right clubs, or suckle at the public teat as a politician for the majority of their lives. They view people like Donald Trump, Joseph Courtemanche, and most of you, as clods who wouldn’t make it in their rarefied atmosphere. There are elites who have no claim to it, but they act as though we are without merit because we don’t subscribe to their political philosophy. We’re too stupid to comprehend it (in their opinion). Besides, The Donald and I merely have some minor degree from a school like a state university, or Wharton. What kinds of swine never go on to study at a higher level?

Normally you would just ignore jackasses of this sort. I do for the most part. On occasion I’ll open up a can of vintage sarcasm and sophistication on them. They aren’t expecting it from a peasant like me. It’s fun to watch the stunned response. On one notable occasion of late, I tried to point out to an attorney that the contract she was screaming about didn’t actually say what she thought. This set off a long, tedious tantrum on her part. Strangely, it was all in my favor. It came down to the tense of a word. It was not in the future tense. Consequently, it applied to that specific clause only at the time the contract was executed. I’m sure she’s still typing away on Facebook about the rube from Minnesota. But if it goes to court, I’ll smile the whole day long when the verdict comes out.

That’s why the fools in the Congress are all pouts and miffed that people just like them aren’t being nominated to the cabinet, to ambassadorships, to the Supreme Court, or to positions of power in the new government. You see, this guy in charge isn’t overly impressed by that sort of thing. He doesn’t accord them the level of deference they feel they deserve. He’s an outsider who’s never been in government before. And that annoys the Patricians on both the left and the right. It really grasses the elite press – how dare some blogger from Des Moines get a Skype slot at the White House Press Briefing!

We, the people, aren’t smart enough to do this without the guidance of our betters. We will mess things up. Why, there could be a revolution if Trump isn’t careful!

Yes. There very well could be a revolution. But not the kind the elites are rooting for. This one started in November when the unwashed mob of tanker truck drivers, authors, mothers, bus drivers, college professors, lawyers, doctors, preachers, and other members of the common class stood in a voting booth and pulled a lever.

The revolution will increase in vigor with every road blocked, every punch thrown at a helpless victim by a mob of anarchists, with each business boycotted by the left, and with every politician telling us that we are not good enough to be in charge of our own destiny.

It will start slowly. A good example is the push-back on Facebook against abusive memes from the left and fake news. More and more people who politely ignored it for the last 10 years are pushing back. Not just removing friends, but letting them have it with good arguments and facts.

It will progress. When the mob sweeps into a business to hurt people, and break things, no longer will people stand idly by and watch. They will fight back. That does not bode well for the left and the elitists: they didn’t go to basic training. They don’t have guns in their homes. They don’t know how to get by without skilled workmen (most of whom are red-staters at heart) to do their plumbing or electrical. We do those things in our jobs. Our fathers, and mothers, taught us how to do them. We don’t need the elites, but they surely need us.

That, in conclusion, is why the elitists need to dial it down about three notches. Political violence is not the answer. For we will meet it tenfold if you threaten our families and our businesses. We will not be screamed at, abused, and trampled to avoid further conflict. That time is over. It is now time for the nonsense to stop. It is time to back up and start talking to each other civilly.

Because if it isn’t civil, based on what I’ve seen thus far, it won’t do anything less than energize the 2020 election of President trump for his second term. And it could do far more. I like this country to be a reasonable place. I pray for it.

So, before you block that sidewalk, throw that rock, smash that window, remember we’re around somewhere nearby. We aren’t good enough for your standards to be of much concern, but I’d like to quote a couple of lines from Toby Keith:”I aint as good as I once was, I got a few years on me now. But there was a time, back in my prime, when I could really lay it down. I aint’ as good as I once was, but I’m as good once as I ever was.”

Remember: you can only push a man so far. Right now, a lot of Americans are done being told they’re racist, homophobic, immigrant haters. Some of us are gay immigrants with dark skin. Don’t underestimate the depth of Trump’s resolve. Or ours.

Let’s keep it civil. And talk to each other. For the alternative is a very dark place none of us really want to go.

Don’t let the elites drive us off the cliff.
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I Just Realized: It’s Not Left Or Right That’s The Problem – It’s Elitists. — 1 Comment

  1. Well said, Joseph. And they better not bite off more than they can chew in those big gaping, insult-driven, fact-less spewing mouths of theirs. We’ve had it up to here and now.