Cheese Sandwiches, Chili, Blankets, And Love.

Everyone has their own rituals/traditions for holidays that they celebrate. I mark some events with dinner at a restaurant my wife loves. Others are spent with family (Hi Bob & Pat & Pam) who have taken good care of my … Continue reading

Christian Arts Festival: Upper Midwest Must Do! @ACMArtsFestival Share This On Facebook & Twitter

There is a point in blogging where you have to stop and smell the shill. If you spend all of your time talking about your movie, audio book, novel, magazine article, and home-health care sanitary wipe line, you lose your … Continue reading

Blog Hopping – It’s The Stuff Dreams Are Made Of.

I know some really cool people. One of the best is Michelle Lim. Today Michelle has engaged me in a blog-hopping exercise between writers. We all have different ways of approaching the craft, and we want to share that with … Continue reading

Young Authors At My Church.

It’s easy to get all wrapped around your axle when you’re a writer who’s got things going in the correct direction. Other issues, other people, other writers become landscape whizzing by the windows as the train picks up speed. I … Continue reading

Five in the morning is a lovely time to be out and about.

It’s just about freezing this morning and the woofers and I spent some time in the back yard when I got home. I love this time of day. After a long night of working from my office on broken electronics … Continue reading