Dear Mr. Trump

Mr. Trump:

I wanted to write this letter before I cast my vote tomorrow. It’s been a long election season, and as a nation it’s been rough. I didn’t want to miss this final chance to get your attention as a private citizen in the event you win the election.

A little background might help you with the context. I’m a former cop. Didn’t do it for long, just a year. But I did get the degree in Law Enforcement and went through a fun-filled sixteen week academy. I also have a degree in Political Science, and am a total history and politics junkie. I am a nerd as well, with a third degree, and a bunch of certificates, in computer science and telecommunications. Finally, I held a military job as an intelligence collector/analyst and held the highest level of clearance you can have. I have a great deal of respect for the proper treatment of classified information.

Additionally I’m a Christian, married to the same woman for 30+ years, have a rescue dog, and do some acting on the side. The author thing? Yeah, one award-winning novel.

So here’s a list of reasons why I’m granting you the privilege of occupying the White House. Please pay attention, as you will be working for me and 330 million of my fellow citizens. If you *#@& it up, I’ll be writing more letters. Only fair, I plan on doing the same to your opponent if she steals… wins the election.

Abortion. I’m fairly impressed with your stand. You’ve had a change of heart on the issue. She’s more offensive than ever on the topic. She endorses late term abortion, up until the moment the baby emerges from the womb. I have two good friends that are respected doctors: both say that there is no medical condition that requires killing the baby once you’re past about 26 weeks. None. She’s in favor of it, you aren’t.

Classified material. I’ll be blunt: she’s a lying felon who should be in prison. Nobody I know, and I know a lot of people who have/have held a top secret clearance, would have been allowed to stay free until their trial given what she’s done. The mere fact that she set up a clandestine email system to avoid the Freedom of Information Act, and then used it was a felony. The fact that classified material was sent that way is an additional felony every time you do it. It was hundreds, or even thousands of times. Jail for life, Donald. She has rigged the system. You’re right. Intent doesn’t matter, the act is what counts. I know you have not had access to classified material until recently. You haven’t mishandled any as far as I know, and I’m sure Hillary would have let us know, so keep it that way. People lose their lives when felons like Hillary get hold of that power.

Campaign funding. I’m going way back to 2008 and her scandals then. Her opponent, the guy who’s POTUS right now, slammed her for her ethics regularly. I remember some waiters donating big bucks to her campaign. You, well, you really can’t be bought. You’ve got a ton of your own money. She’d sell her grandchild for the right figure. Let’s hope Abuela doesn’t get an offer from the Saudi’s for the kid, or the line: “How much for the little girl?” wont’ just be a line from The Blues Brothers.

She’s abused more women that I know of than you have. You’re a crude man on occasion. I’ve only recently become aware of just how bad you can be. Her? I knew about her merciless selling out of women since the whole fun-fest that Bill’s exploits brought. She called Lewinsky a stalker. James Carville suggested that one of the women who accused Bill of rape
was trailer trash and a prostitute. I don’t remember Hillary leaping to her defense. Back to the Saudi’s: she takes their loot and they subjugate women to an extent almost nobody outside the Taliban can top. Yup, she’s a real champion of women. You, Mr. Trump, put your money where your mouth is and have a number of women high up in your company. I understand that you also pay them well. Versus Mrs. Clinton paying lower wages to her women.

You have promised to drain the swamp. She embodies all that is wrong with politics in the United States.

Benghazi. She lied about what triggered it and was complicit in letting those men die. You seem to be a friend of the military. Not even a question. You’re the guy on this one.

Voting for her is voting for a felon awaiting indictment. It’ll never happen, but she’s as dirty as can be, and the Clinton Foundation is ripe for a RICO. Sunday Comey said no new info on the Weiner hard drive. Again, the mere fact that the information was sent on a clandestine server is a multiple felony. I also loved the news today that she had her freaking maid printing out and faxing classified information. Her maid. Sweet hopping… Enough. I won’t put up with four years of that if I can avoid it.

You have promised to pursue term-limits. I’ll spare you her history of backing long-term politicians with one exception: She was very fond of Byrd, a former Klan member who died rather unrepentant. He was still using the “N” word until the year before he died. She honored him as a great leader at the time of his death. Yup, she’s all about change.

My hope, Mr. Trump, is that you tone down the exaggerations and outright lies that sometimes fall into your dialogue as you campaign. It’s not becoming at all. You don’t need it in any way. Be honest. Call a wood plank a wood plank, and don’t embellish. She’s an amazing liar. She lies through her teeth and gets caught over and over again, but just forges on in hopes that people will tire of it. I’m done with her. You still have a way to go. Get on it.

Build a wall. It’s a sovereign nation and I want our borders intact. She’s looking for open borders. I like being an American. She’s evidently not all that fond of our national identity.

Put your business in your kid’s hands (Donald or Eric, don’t care which. Ivanka would be a good choice as well) and let them run it while you have the executive job. Keep your nose clean and don’t mix business and government: she’s shown us how that works out.

Keep on hammering on the corruption.

You’re not perfect, but she’s abysmal. I am hoping that you blow the rot out of the pipes.

I also hope that you will set up an informal council of people to advise you who are like me. Random names picked from the phone books across the nation. Fly them to the White House in groups of three. Ask what they think. Keep in touch with the people. Don’t become isolated. Don’t pander to popularity and getting the next election. Do the right thing.

I suspect I’m an unlikely candidate for your cabinet, but if you front me the plane ticket and a hotel, I’m available for consultations when needed. I know a bit about the Middle East. And baking. I’m a good cook. Most of all, I’m an American who’s sick to death of the corrupt machine that is politics. I’m on your side until you really annoy me. Feel free to call. I’d love to help my nation become great again.


Joseph Courtemanche

************ ************* *****************

Come back tomorrow for a vintage rant. I’m way overdue.

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Dear Mr. Trump — 3 Comments

  1. I fear Hillary has the election….she has protection in very high places I believe.So how as a nation do we move on.This election has been so upsettimg to me. I think we must remember that we are all Anericans. We must start finding ways to do this. I would think we could be vulnerable as a nation to be this divided.No answers,just thoughts.Prayer of course.

    • I think the biggest part of it is your public voice. Not just Facebook, but writing a blog, writing letters to the government officials, speaking to your church, civic group, and friends.

      Part of it, a big part, is not picking a team beyond broad intellectual concepts. If “your guy” is wrong, call him on it. That’s how I handle it, and I’m proud to plan on doing the same going forward.

      That’s the grassroots that will start the change: public, peaceful, nonviolent outrage.