No Option Left If You Wish To Save The Republic: Donald Trump

If you are a dyed-in-the-wool supporter of the most power-driven woman in history, one who throws subordinates under the bus, leaves good men to die in Benghazi (she did, in her defense, have help from Obama), and who has been shamed repeatedly by her competition with charges of corruption, then you’re probably not going to like this next bit. But don’t despair, I’ll get to Trump after the videos. I’ve not yet mentioned her shabby treatment of women who accused her husband of rape. But, we don’t want to talk about that. So, how about we stick to the serial lying? The video gets the point across:

Before I go any further, I’d like to talk to my friends who will be voting third party. I know some of you are doing so in protest. It’s about as effective as protesting gravity at this point. Frankly, if you have not been politically involved all along the process, and just bitch and moan today about how stupid both are so you’ll vote for one of the others, you have nobody to blame but yourself tomorrow.

If you are planning on this, and have not been involved all along in a third party based on ideological principles of that party, today you either deposit one in the pot or move on mutely to be quiet for the next four years. Vote for one of them. Yes, the lesser of two evils. Because “none of the above” isn’t going to win, and the two who are flipping the coin are not impressed with your protest. Pick a side. Either side. But pick one. The only thing that you get in the middle of the road is run over.

Back to Hillary.

If she was to enlist in the military this morning… she wouldn’t be let in even if she was 22, perfect shape, and ready to go. Why? Because she’d never get a security clearance based on her blatant misuse of classified documents. She couldn’t even maintain the computer the email was typed on. She is completely untrustworthy, and never will be. She has demonstrated her contempt for the citizens of this country over and over, lying to congress and the public.

No way, Jose.

Donald J. Trump is a vulgar man who has a lot of money. He’s blunt, he says a lot of things that get misconstrued. He says some things that are just dumb. But there is a hope that he will be helped to lead, blocked if he screws up, and exiled in 4 years if he fails. He will not fundamentally change this nation if he’s a train-wreck. He might do well. I’m not sure.

But I am sure that the rapacious woman from Chicago/Arkansas/Washington/New York is a vile creature who lets people die on her watch. A woman with contempt for the military. A woman who put our national security at risk so that she could avoid scrutiny of her email system. She’s unfit for any elected office, and unstable. Medically and emotionally.

Trump might shake a fist and bloviate, Hillary rages and throws things. She passes out and rides around in an ambulance.

I could go on, but if you’ve made it this far you have to make a choice:

Vote for her, knowing she’s a liar and a thief.

Vote for him, knowing that he’s a boor, but has the potential to follow the constitution.

Vote for none of the above, and elect her.

If you don’t vote for him because he’s not a good Christian, you’re going to elect her. A woman who holds no spiritual belief beyond a firm stance in favor of very-late-term-abortion, and her own divinity.

The reality is, he’s a jerk, she’s a menace. Jerks win over menaces every time when you have to pick someone to leave the kids with on Saturday when there’s an emergency and you’ve got to go to Detroit. He’s the Uncle Buck of candidates with hair that Alfalfa would have shunned.

She’s the one you leave the dog with and find out that she’s Cruella de Vil dressed in frumpy clothes and shower curtains stolen from a Motel 6 where Bill stayed on his way to pedophile island.

Trump try to be everyone’s president if they’re a citizen, or become one. I know that chafes some of you, but this election is for legal citizens.

She’ll be out for blood right away. She’s got a long history of that kind of behavior. Whoa be unto those who have crossed her.

Your choice. I’ll be able to hold my head up either way. Until I’m sent to the camp.

If you think that is a step too far, I hope you’re right. I suspect my taxes will be audited, my reputation sullied, and my dog is already thinking of shaving.

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