My Fellow Veterans At A.C.F.W.

The best part about having your own blog is the versatility. I tried to post pictures of my fellow veterans on Facebook this morning and the stupid thing wouldn’t go. Said the pictures were too big. Not so much. But … Continue reading

Jeffrey Baldwin: The Rippling Of Your Cape In The Wind Makes My Eyes Moist And My Heart Ache

Jeffrey Baldwin is in Heaven waiting for us to arrive. He stands on a corner, next to a United States Marine, looking over the streets in a silent vigil. In Heaven he’s as tall as the Marine, loaded with muscles, … Continue reading

Dogs, Dogs, Dogs. (*I only have two, but the Elvis song had….never mind.)

Lots of dog requests – not really. But I love putting up bad pictures of the dogs just to annoy the photographic purists. Hey, it’s a cell phone and a moving car for Heaven’s sake. First a diatribe: I love … Continue reading

If a picture is worth a thousand words, Jennifer Bong is a best selling novel writer.

Ten years ago I started pursuing a career/new venture in doing voice-over work. As a part of that process I looked at lots of web sites and listened to dozens of voice artists. I realized that as a consumer I … Continue reading