Dogs, Dogs, Dogs. (*I only have two, but the Elvis song had….never mind.)

Lots of dog requests – not really. But I love putting up bad pictures of the dogs just to annoy the photographic purists. Hey, it’s a cell phone and a moving car for Heaven’s sake.

First a diatribe: I love my boy Edzell. But he couldn’t hit those pads I put down (code named Berlin) any better than the British RAF at the outset of WWII. I have an emergency zone set up for the old fellow that is 5’x5′. He is pretty good with liquids but when it comes to the blockbusters he’s always on the periphery of the target zone. I’m thinking that I should quit complaining and just be glad that he’s within the city limits.

So, in order, Stormy actually posing for a photo, Stormy and Joe in the car, Stormy and Joe at Petco. Yes, first road trip, first time outside the fence since she came to live with us in December. We feel that she’s no longer an insane flight risk. Matter of fact, she seems to like her new home.

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Pictures below the fold. Have a blessed day.

My girl, Stormy.


I picked the blurriest one.


Dogs, Dogs, Dogs. (*I only have two, but the Elvis song had….never mind.) — 2 Comments

  1. I do like Stormy! Why don’t you put together a photo essay about Stormy. She’s beautiful. Well, and of course you’re handsome too Joe, even at Petco!! Love you all…

    • I agree – she’s beautiful. I’m just one level up from scaring children unless I have a red suit on.

      Photo essay on the girl will come with spring. I’ll even break out the good camera for the job.