Jeffrey Baldwin: The Rippling Of Your Cape In The Wind Makes My Eyes Moist And My Heart Ache

Jeffrey Baldwin is in Heaven waiting for us to arrive. He stands on a corner, next to a United States Marine, looking over the streets in a silent vigil. In Heaven he’s as tall as the Marine, loaded with muscles, and wearing his beloved Superman costume. On Earth, he … Well, it didn’t go well for him on this planet. Perhaps Heaven is closer to his native Krypton.

Super heroes come in many sizes.

Super heroes come in many sizes.

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If you’re not familiar with Jeffrey’s story, I’ll recap. He had a short, miserable life here on Earth. He died of starvation at the age of five. His family was responsible for the abuse, specifically his grandparents.

After his death a fund was started to erect a statue of him wearing his Superman costume. DC Comics initially denied permission to use the “S” logo on the statue. That’s understandable, they’ve been very consistent on that over the many years I’ve followed the issue of it’s use on a casual basis. The outcry, and the poignant nature of the situation, caused them to reverse the decision and allow it this once. I think that’s a wonderful thing for the company to do in this case.

I have a lot of interaction with children in my role as Santa Claus. I have a special place in my heart that aches for abused children, and a firm hope that God is preparing a unique judgment for abusers on that last day. The same mentality that allows children to be abused allows the mistreatment of animals, the elderly, veterans, and the mentally ill. All of them fall through many cracks in this world, but children seem to suffer the most because they are inarticulate, don’t have lawyers, and rarely bite back or flee with success.

I’m asking you to spend some time today praying for children. Just ten minutes. Get down on your knees (right now is a good time) and talk to God about what you can do to help, and ask him to intercede with the lives of the abused. I will do part my time right this moment.

Be aware. Be courageous. Be willing to contact the authorities when a child is mistreated. Be willing to stand up for the child when they are being hurt or in imminent danger. Be strong in the Lord, ask His help in doing the right thing.

Remember Jeffrey Baldwin. Say a prayer for all the little ones like him.

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