Little Ahmed The Stalking Horse

Let’s play a memory game. Do you remember (if you’re of a certain age) when wearing jeans to an office job was totally unacceptable? No jeans. Nada. Ah, good. You do remember. Then someone, probably the most beautiful woman in … Continue reading

Three Decades Of Putting Up With Joe Courtemanche. Happy Anniversary, Honey.

That picture is a few years old. We were in Haiti on a missions trip with Healing Haiti. It was, by far, our best anniversary by any measure. Serving God, warm weather, years of spiritual growth together. And, a pretty … Continue reading

Does Anyone Know Of A Good Treatment Program (For Canning?)

My wife has made discreet inquiries about getting me some help with my problem. I’m pretty sure there’s no 12 step meeting for people who make jam. I really can’t imagine “Hi, I’m Joe, and I have a problem with … Continue reading

It’s A Man’s Mall.

This is where I was at 0518 this morning. Please follow me on Twitter, and “Like” the Facebook author page. Don’t forget to subscribe (the box is on the right side of the page) to be eligible for free e-books … Continue reading