Jamie Greening Presents: What If It All Worked Out Awesome – The Vid Kids.

#Free #FlashFiction about #Covid-19 is the name of the game. Jamie never fails to bring it, even when he’s semi-delusional – as the ending will attest to… Today’s story is one he started writing when we began this journey of … Continue reading

An Acre Of Peace – Part 2

Last week Dr. Paul Bennett brought us the first part of this story. (Click the link to read it.) Today he finishes the tale. I know you’ll enjoy it. I’ve never read anything Paul’s written that wasn’t magnificent. And, so … Continue reading

Derek Alan Elkins: Let The Day Perish

Derek isn’t always dark. Or, so I’ve heard. But he does get to the nub of things in today’s piece: Let The Day Perish. As always, go buy his books on Amazon when you’re done reading his piece, they’re at … Continue reading