Before anyone get’s too worked up, the next post is not about me.

I’ve been thinking about suicide a lot lately.  Seems that ghosts of the past, present, and  future have all conspired to gain my attention.

To those of you reading this (all three of you!) I’d like to beg you to spend some time thinking about this issue as well. 

If you are suicidal, quit reading my nonsense and pick up the phone to a suicide hot-line.    1-800-273-8255.  You are precious and irreplaceable and … well, suicide truly has never made anything better for anyone.

For those of you who know someone who has been acting out of sorts lately, depressed, distant, dark and moody, etc., find out why.  You might really annoy them by asking, but if they kill themselves you will never have the chance to ask or annoy them again.  Is your dignity worth more than their life?

You are probably wondering why this is on my mind?  Too many people I know have taken their own lives.  Too many people I know are in the process of taking their lives and I’m not yet aware of their plight. I wish I was.  I’d drop to my knees and start praying for each of them right now. I’d beg them to get help.

Suicide is preventable.  It is only a fatal issue if nothing is done to prevent it. 

So, pay attention to those around you and make sure that the troubled ones get some help.  Sometimes just your asking how they are and probing a bit can bring the darkness to the surface and allow you to help the person.  Knock on their door and drag them out to breakfast.  Make them  be a part of life before death claims them.

If you are in need of help, get it right now.  My friends know they can call me for that help.  You  have a friend that will do that for you.  Call 1-800-273-8255 and talk to someone today.

And, for those whom we’ve lost to suicide, our memories are tinged and darkened.  We all wish we’d known so that we could have helped.  But since there are  no time machines available, go and help those in need today.

Posts are lacking due to influenza.

Last week I got my annual flu shot so that I can be around immune compromised kids while wearing the red suit.

And, as used to happen with some regular frequency, I got the flu.  Moreover, I reverted to the form of a grumpy black bear with a bad attitude and hibernated.

Much improved, I have returned to work to inflict my charming self on my coworkers.

I apologize in adavance.

Wisdom on Veterans Day.

I found this link via the outstanding blog at Blackfive (

If you don’t read Blackfive, why not?  Start today.  It’s worth the trip.

Go take a look at how this one man’s service left his perspective slightly different than most civilians.  I served in the Navy, not the Marines.  But I recognize the feeling.  It never completely goes away.

Happy day to all my fellow Vets.  Especially my wife, Kip, who is the most important person I know. And, special thanks who went before me to lead the way and those who came after me to pick up the torch. My eternal gratitude to my brothers and sisters who have fallen along the way. Your payment keeps us free.

So, toddle over and read the article: