Facebook hint: Do not post your mugshot.

Yes, it is considered gosh to publish your mugshots on Facebook.

And, speaking for myself, it depresses the bejabbers out of me to see an old friend use Facebook as his psychotherapy tool.  I really don’t need those details.  I don’t want those details.  I really didn’t need to see photographic evidence of how far you’ve sunk.

So, for those of you on Facebook:  NO MORE MUGSHOTS!

After all, everybody knows that if you want to rant and rave, threaten ex-lovers, post pictures of yourself that the County Sheriff was kind enough to take you really need to get your own blog.

I’m honored.

I’d like to share a link with all of you (mom and whomever the other reader is) that my beloved and favorite brother-in-law brought to my attention.

It appears that a picture of me talking to a child over a Cisco video link has made the Star & Tribune photos of the year feature.  Now, they’ve lots of photos, many of great import.  But this small child talking to me (another small child at heart) is pretty cool for my  ego.

I’m honored to be included.  Thanks!


You’re in real trouble when the Palestinian Authorty has to break it up for you…

I think these guys forgot who they work for and where they were. And, you really are in trouble if the PA has to take care of your bad behavior.

But, it does make great video, No? One wag suggested that this be dubbed in with light sabres instead of brooms. I’m waiting for that one, it should be cool.