Beer and dirt.

My boy Edzell is getting old. Losing weight (evidently the only male in the family capable of that feat) and getting more feeble every day. He’s mastered snoozing. But back in his youth we shared a common fondness for Corona beer.

Once upon a time I would have a cold one after work and if I set it down on the step next to me his tongue was down the throat of the bottle in record time. So much for that beer. He knew he’d won when I poured it on the sidewalk for him to lap it up.

A part of approaching the end of your days should be doing all the things that are considered “bad for you.” Seriously, who cares if the elderly woman in hospice wheels outside for a Camel and a shot of Jim Beam. Or if the diabetic has a final cupcake on their deathbed. Ed isn’t checking out this afternoon but he sure deserves a beer. So I went to the liquor store to get him a cold one. Six of the small bottles – the kind that wind up as salt and pepper shakers in seafood joints.

This morning, as the picture shows, I poured my boy a beer.

Dog + bowl of beer + dirt = mud

One sniff, one taste and he wandered over to the tree and started eating dirt (his latest weird behavior.) I guess dirt is better. As he did this I looked over to see Stormy trying to levitate and chase birds in the trees.

Now I’m stuck with 5 bottles of Corona and two really strange sheep dogs.
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Beer and dirt. — 3 Comments

  1. Our dogs always loved beer! The horses liked Jim Beam! Gave them as much as they wanted and they were all hale and hearty always!

    Good for Edzell that he polished it off with dirt, that’s his salt, potassium, magnesium, boron, protein, silica, all those good things for the bod!

  2. That beer will make dog sleep even more! I hope you are not letting dog operate motor vehicle after consumption.

    • He turned in his keys when he got a cataract in his blue eye.

      Even when he really went to town on a brewski he’d get a little less than a shot of beer out of the deal. The little pail had about 1/8 of a small bottle – 1 ounce. But it sure made me happy to have at least tried to make an old friend’s last days special.

      He’ll probably outlive me now that I’ve said that.