The COVID Quarantine Cantina Is Now Available In All Formats. (Except Microfiche)

After a lot of hours of editing, more hours of writing, and about 50 days in the Amazon dungeon awaiting sale, all three versions of The COVID Quarantine Cantina are for sale. 

I am not humble about the following brags:

It makes a great Christmas present. 

It is the best audio work I have done to date.

The authors have produced a lot of great stories.

We are proud of our work, and have great hopes you will buy it. It’s novel length, and about 13 hours of listening enjoyment. The print book is a keeper to explain this insanity to the next generation. The Kindle version is dirt cheap. (Wait, that didn’t come out right… It’s a great value?)

We hope you will buy one: that’s how we all pay the bills around here. Your purchase allows us to keep writing flash fiction. We have another round coming up this coming week for Christmas. 

Seriously, you’ll love the audio book. I mean, if you have insomnia this is the ticket. Put away the Ambien and get a copy of the book. 

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