Prayer Warriors: Line Up And Get Working Now.

I need all the prayer warriors in this outfit to drop to a knee right now and pray for Rev. Randy Robinson from Shiloh Missionary Baptist Church. Rev. Robinson had some kind of seizure at the end of the service … Continue reading

Edit.Edit.Grumble.Watch Video.Edit.Grumble.Lunch

This week was editing week. I also started a new novel. And wrote some on the sequel. And did a bunch of other stuff that I’ll write about next week. So, you get weak sauce Friday (not an inspiring blog … Continue reading

Things That Are Purple In Minnesota.

Since it appears that winter will never actually end in Minnesota, I’m just going to go right back to the Santa posts for a while. My Christmas lights will not be unplugged until the last snow vanishes from my backyard. … Continue reading

Free Stuff – Yeah, We’re Overdue For Free Stuff

Those of you who read my review on Rajdeep Paulus‘ book Seeing Through Stones. last Saturday are probably already owners of a copy. I mean, how could you not be in the wake of a 5 star Amazon review by … Continue reading