That Promises To Be Fun. Church Fun Fest Update!11!!1!1

I try really hard not to turn this blog into a cheer-leading center for my church, Shiloh Missionary Baptist Church. Today I am going to fail and just talk about the place I worship and why it grabs me by … Continue reading

Solar Watches Fail In The Dark

Many years ago a friend of mine brought a solar powered Walkman with him on a submarine trip. For those of you not familiar with submarines, it’s a window-free environment. The sleeping areas are dark 24 hours a day. Other … Continue reading

Edit.Edit.Grumble.Watch Video.Edit.Grumble.Lunch

This week was editing week. I also started a new novel. And wrote some on the sequel. And did a bunch of other stuff that I’ll write about next week. So, you get weak sauce Friday (not an inspiring blog … Continue reading

Christian Popular Music.

I’d like to talk a bit about Christian popular music and where it is today. Please contain yourself and stop what you’re doing before you get out any pictues of Stryper and email them to me. Also, I don’t want … Continue reading