Another Excellent Day In My Life

Last Wednesday my God Daughter’s school had a ceremony honoring veterans. Her mother and father are both teachers. I will not put their names out here to protect their privacy. But I have to say that I love the whole family dearly, and honor them greatly. The only really questionable decision I’ve ever seen them make was asking us to be the God Parents. (I mean, who’d leave their kid with me if they died, right?)


In any event, and very seriously, I was deeply touched by the event held at Eagan High School. For those of you who have written off the younger generation, you have never met my God Daughter and her classmates. Fine young people who honored us (the vets) with breakfast and a ceremony that brought tears to our eyes. We felt loved. Honored. Appreciated. Respected.

In return, I swelled with pride over the young people who came up to me after the ceremony and introduced themselves as recent enlistees. Others, dozens, came to shake our hands.

Our country will be in good hands when these young people take the wheel. It’s that annoying generation just before them we have to survive. (I kid. I’ve met some amazing millennials who have served our country. Good people. Not a man-bun among them.)

Most of all, I knew how she felt about us (my wife is a vet as well) and was touched by the invitation. A very nice affair in every regard. And a fine young woman whom I love dearly.

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Here’s the link to the ceremony (It’s at the bottom right of the home page right now. A week from now I’m not promising). Carve the time out to watch it today. You will figure out where we all choked up by the end. I can only say, in my most humble voice, that I was among heroes on Wednesday. And it was an honor.

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