An End Of The Week Veterans Day Mishmash.

This will be shorter than normal. Let’s start.

President-elect Trump, I’ve found the starting point for draining the swamp: The V.A. While there are many fine professionals working there in clinician roles, the joint needs a draining of administrators. Prosecute all those who have caused harm through venality and greed. Anyone who’s been proven to mistreat a vet, or push off their treatment just to make their numbers, must be prosecuted to the fullest extent. That would be the nicest present you could give us for this Veterans Day. Please start there, Mr. Trump.

Happy Veterans Day to all who have served. Especially my wife, a fellow sailor, spook, linguist, and Courtemanche (for 31 years.) I’m so glad that you are a part of my life.

To all my fellow spooks: you didn’t get the recognition you deserved in the day. I was laughing this morning at the highly-unauthorized group photo taken in front of the N.S.A. headquarters. My biggest regret is not having more pictures of my friends from that time. You were all, regardless of political persuasion, amazing people.

To this day, when I meet a vet they get an immediate ear. Seems they just try a bit harder than most. Proud to be numbered among them.

Finally, I’m at 97 reviews on Amazon. I know there are at least four of you who mean to write a review but never get to it. So, today’s the day. Click the link, log in to your amazon account, and write the review right now. I really would like to hit 100 reviews today. I appreciate your help.

Now, go about your business and collect those free dinners, lunches, and coffees. I’ll be at Famous Dave’s for mine. Dave’s a great guy, fine food, and they treat vets very well.

Be blessed. I’ll be back next week.

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