Can’t Beat A Brownie. Or, “How I Keep Humble On Launch Day for Assault On Saint Agnes.”

Assault on Saint Agnes goes live around the world today. Audio book is done, just waiting for Audible to post the links and put it up for sale. You’d think my head might swell a bit? Nah. The Church Ladies fixed that with chocolate and flour.

First Public Signing

First Public Signing

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Sunday, as it happens, was the first time I’d set up a table to autograph and sell books. I kid-you-not, my Pastor gave me a very rousing endorsement from the pulpit. I cannot thank him enough for his kind words and accolades.

The problem is, Sunday was also the church ladies bake sale.

I don’t know about the church you attend, but at my church you dare not compete for dollars with either barbecue or bakery. Those two trump everything else on the planet. I am a regular purchaser of said commodities myself. Both are sold to raise funds on a semi-annual basis. The people on the production end of both are beyond talented: they are the Da Vinci’s of cooking.

It was my misfortune to compete for spare income against the carrot cake and brownie assortment. I even left my own signing table and went to check out the goods!

In all fairness, I did sell a bunch of books. It was a good day for any author with a new book. I’m hoping that as you read this today, it will be a great day for this author on the virtual sales floor at

While I’m hoping that you buy the book, I do promise not to turn this blog into nothing but a sales platform. Every post will have the usual shill for the book (in a different color so you can filter it out) but unless something happens regarding an award, or some sales goal I need help with, I will not write about it every day after this week. This week I need the numbers!

If you’ve read the book, I’d very much appreciate it if you’d go to and write a review. Do the same at and It makes a gigantic difference in how the book shows up in sales search engines when you review it online. Your review is worth as much to me as what you paid for the book. Thus, I beseech you: review the book!

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Yes, Assault on Saint Agnes is now available. Just click this link to find all the options! (I recommend the autographed copy. It’s cheaper than from the big stores, I scribble in it, and you get it mailed within 5 days. We all win.

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I appreciate your help.

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