Three Days To Launch.

This will be an unusual post. Monday is the big day for Assault on Saint Agnes – it goes live on all sales channels. Including, hopefully, the audio book.

Today I want to give thanks. Next week I will shill with the best of them. Or, depending on your point of view, the worst of the lot.

Thank you, God, for giving me the ideas.

Thank you, Mom & Dad, for instilling the drive in me and giving me great genes for this task.

Thank you, Kip, for not killing me in my sleep at some point in the last few years. Edits, recording, contests, “issues” with people, and all the stress in the world. Plus interrupting you in your reading thousands of times to say, “Hey, got a minute?”

Thank you to all my friends for listening to my drivel and pondering for the last six years.

Thank you to my beta readers for your help in finding the good, and the bad, in the book and guiding me.

Thank you to contest judges for helping me find my voice in this industry.

Thank you to my publisher, Athanatos Ministries (in the person of Tony Horvath) for having faith in what I could do as an author – and recommending only changes that made the book better. That’s right – not one suggested change was rejected on my part.

Thank you to the readers of this blog for your following my exploits.

Thank you to all of my fellow authors, Facebook friends, and other certified lunatics I know for beating the drums next week and helping me promote this book.

Thank you to my sister, Jean, for all of her help in doing publicity and planning to make this a hit.

Thank you to all the people who have already bought the book – the number of early/presales has me a bit floored. I have evidently exceeded the immediate circle of friends and branched out into the real world!

Thank you to all the people who lit up like neon lights when I handed them their personal copy. You (there’s a few of you) have cheered me on for years and told people about me in such glowing terms that I know I’ll make it through the next gate. Friends like these are invaluable.

Thank you to all of those who will rush to,, and on Monday to review the book. Many of you bought them at personal signing events the last few weeks. You are the paying customers that authors dream about. Each of those reviews is a testimony to your amazing generousity. I know you have other things to do, yet I know you will be there to do the review when the book goes live. You are a blessing. (Just remember to say you got it either in exchange for a fair and impartial review (if it was free), or purchased it at an early signing event if you paid for it!)

Finally, thank you, Stormy, for not scratching the last of the flesh off of my left leg while I wrote this book and edited it. I know the temptation was almost insurmountable. Now, want a cookie?

If you’re the type, I ask you to say some prayers for me this weekend. I need those more than book sales. But don’t put your credit card away just yet…

Monday. See you then.

Steal this picture for your Facebook post.

Steal this picture for your Facebook post.

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