AGITPROP Is Alive And Well In Austin.

I need to get out ahead on this one, because I am officially demanding an apology from every person who posts on Facebook about the evil, racist, Texas-sucks-because-they’re-white, people who put up the sticker below in Austin over the last few days. Most of the people who have to apologize to me (as a white guy who likes Texas, and Texans) haven’t even posted on this topic yet. But I know they will, and I know what they will say. They’re predictable. Push button, get outrage. That’s the whole point of Agitprop.



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I’ve predicted, and I’m sure it will be the case, that the sticker was produced and placed by some ultra-liberal/hipster/communist loon, or a black person who feels that the gentrification of the neighborhood is driving out minorities from an area they feel is “rightfully theirs.” Mind you, there is no real effort to color restrict this area, but it’s someone’s idea of raising social awareness and making sure that everyone thinks correctly.

Soon there will be serious discussions of this topic (but not at Starbucks) and the talking heads will all talk about the sad history of race relations in Texas, the horrendous dragging death of James Byrd (never mind that one of his killers is already dead from an execution and the other is on death row – without need of any hate crimes laws, just plain old murder) and the fact that George Bush was governor of the state.

The same talking heads will all be very quiet when this is exposed for what it is: theater.

Most of the widely publicized hate crimes incidents of the last 20 years have been fomented by agitators. People who wanted to point out the unfairness in society against blacks, jews, gays, and polar bears. They set it up, vandalized their own cars/homes/faces and then waited for the outrage. A great lesson was learned so it was worth it. Nah, I don’t think it was. When they were exposed their sad mental health was usually blamed. A few were fined, lost their jobs, or did a short bit of jail time. But most were just told not to do it again.

I think hate crime laws are odious. Here’s an idea: if they beat someone, try them for battery. If they kill someone, try them for murder. If they wreck a car with paint or hammers, vandalism. If they say something horrible – well, ostracize them. That first amendment is really a pesky thing, it allows people to tell me that the sky pilot I worship is no different than the flying spaghetti monster. I’m okay with that concept. Don’t expect me to talk to you, or do business with you. But you’re free to be your own special kind of idiot.

I think – make that I know – that Austin will be the same kind of special idiot. Likely a white person who is so in sympathy and down with the cause that he was making a brilliant point and we’re all just too stupid to see it. Or, a black guy who sees the neighborhood going upscale and losing it’s “authentic” nature.

Me? I like hipsters when they bring new food, bars, and music to a run down neighborhood. They should either grow a real beard or shave, but in general they’re no more annoying than hippies. Hippies just rarely did anything good for the local economy.

I also like black people. Come to think of it, my only real problem is with stupid or evil people. Crap, I’ve just broken another stereotype! With my background, religion, and education, I’m supposed to hate almost everyone who isn’t me. (Note: there is this guy, Jesus, whom I follow. Maybe you’ve heard of Him. He told me to love all as if they were myself. I’m working on that. Sorry about the stupid and evil people, Jesus: I’m a work in progress.)

Just saying.

So, all of you who shriek and moan about the racists in Texas over the next few days, please feel free to apologize to me on your Facebook page when you’re outed. I’d ask that you link to me at this link. I can use the exposure as a sage and a prophet.

If I am wrong, I will print an apology here in all capitals the day following Jane Fonda’s sincere apology for the increased torture of American prisoners of war in Hanoi. But only if John (Christmas in Cambodia) Kerry countersigns it with Hillary’s email signature.

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AGITPROP Is Alive And Well In Austin. — 2 Comments

  1. Well written and well conveyed. It is a shame that there is not a public data source for these agitprop campaigns…sort of like a Snopes for BS…. Anyway found this, enjoyed it and shared it.