Not Today, Not Tomorrow, Never.

Within fifteen minutes of Robin Williams death being announced, a friend of mine said that he’d be committing suicide as well, it was just a matter of time. I knew that, he says it from time to time on his Facebook page.

What do you do when you can see that train coming down the track? How can I impact that decision and put it off until he dies of old age?

I’m praying. I’ve prayed for my friend David for over a week now (and I hope you will all continue to pray for him as well) but now I’m adding Demo to the list. I’m not outing him with that nickname – lots of veterans with a nickname spelled that way, but I am sending him a message: Don’t do it.

Yup, he reads the blog. We’re Facebook friends. He’s a man I greatly admire for his many skills and brilliance. He has a life that he views as disjointed, painful, lonely and unappreciated. Parts of that description are true and accurate. Parts of it are just plain wrong.

Demo is an author whom I respect. Love every thing he’s written, including some amazing flash fiction on Facebook. I can write pretty well, but not in that league by a long shot. He’s not allowed to kill himself for a lot of reasons, but I’ll just list the personal one: He owes me another novel. I’m not satiated by what he’s done.

There is so much brilliance and beauty in what he does with the written word that it lights dark corners for everyone else. He only sees the dark corners where the light doesn’t penetrate. As the industry has changed, more dark corners emerged, eventually smothering him and his flame. What a shame.

But with independent publishing he could come back to his legion of fans. I’d go kickstarter on a book of his. I’d coauthor it just for the joy of writing with him. I’d also travel to be by his side and talk when he needs it. He has my number, he needs to call me to talk he can call. 24×7, Demo.

I will pray. I will write notes to him. I will engage in chat sessions with him. I will beg God to touch his heart.

We all have a Demo in our lives. We try to ignore it but we really can’t do that if we’re Christians. I will do my best to reach out to him and touch his heart. I hope you will do the same for the lonely and sad, the addicted, the mentally ill that you know.

They all have another novel in them. Let’s read it together.

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