Twofer Time: Update To Good Neighbor Meals & Shiloh Missionary Baptist Church Fun Fest

I wanted to post something else here today, but I’m still waiting for a response from a corporation. I thought it only fair to give them a chance to throw their two cents in before I post my story.

So, today, we plug favorite activities!

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My church, Shiloh Missionary Baptist Church, is having a fun fest on July 26th. It has two things I like most: music and food trucks. For the kids there are climbing walls, bouncy houses. For the adults and kids we have fire trucks and classic cars. Every hour, on the hour, there will be a musical performance or a drill team. Best of all, Taco Bell is sponsoring a Zumba class and it’s followed up with breakfast sandwiches. That one starts at 0930.

So, now that I’ve got your attention with the waffle tacos, the music is going to be great. There are some classic gospel choirs coming. Not the 15 elderly women in your choir, but a vibrant bunch of great voices lifted in praise. I can’t wait – kind of giddy just thinking about it!

All the fun starts at 10 (unless you’re a Zumba type) and runs until 4 pm. We’ll be at 501 Lawson in Saint Paul. Lots of different stuff to eat, activities for the kids (did I mention a petting zoo?) and fire trucks. Great paint jobs on Saint Paul trucks, so it’s a must see. Drop on by (no admission fee) and join the fun. We hope to have a great turnout and you’re a part of that plan. 501 W. Lawson, Saint Paul, MN from 10-4.

Next item: The Good Neighbor Meal. We’re doing it again on August 9th. I know a lot of you have asked how to participate in the comments (I don’t publish those, it’ kind of off topic…) Here’s the scoop: We’d love to have your help, but even better yet how about you come and see what we do and then bring a report back to your church, community service organization, scout troop, bowling team, youth league, etc. We’d love to show you what we do and then guide you in setting up your own turn at the Good Neighbor Meal. Just leave a comment for me and I’ll get back to you as soon as I can. Leave your phone number and I’ll call you (I won’t publish your number.)

The basic cost ranges from around $450 to whatever you want to spend. I suspect New York Strips would be a bit over the top, and hard to cook for 150 on a timely basis, but there are a lot of great meals we can turn out in the kitchen we use. I’d be more than happy to sit down with you and talk over menu planning and how to make it all happen. We still have a few gaps in the schedule and would love some new talent.

You can do it if I can. I surely had no super powers in doing this event. I listened to the advice of others, got my friends to help, and learned the ropes. The biggest part of it is simply making the decision to move forward.

Do it today. I’d love to help you serve the poor among us.

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