Good Churches Are Good Neighbors

Many of you know that I participate in The Good Neighbor Meal program at the Good Neighbor Center in Saint Paul. It’s a building that houses a couple of churches, but the owners use it for the benefit of the … Continue reading

Some Of You Have Wondered – How Do You Keep The Blog’s Qualitee So High?

For starters, many of my readers are in hospice and don’t care about spelling. So that helps a lot. But there are other secrets I need to share with you, and I will do so below the fold. (So to … Continue reading

Book Review: Jaded By Varina Denman – ***** Five Stars

Over the past few years you’ve seen me crack under the pressure and review romance books by fellow authors. I like to review books by people from my agency, The Blythe Daniel Agency. It’s fun. I know them. I do … Continue reading

Restaurant Review: Henning’s Pizza Of Naples, Florida **Updated**

A correction is in order. My sources inform me that my description of the location as being in the southern part of Naples, Fl is not correct. The area is actually identified by highly knowledgeable local residents as being East … Continue reading

Restaurant Review: Boulevard Kitchen & Bar

Many of you have come to read my restaurant reviews today. Why, I’ll never know. I don’t do them that often, and I usually do a mediocre job compared to the “real” reviewers. My review of Boulevard Kitchen & Bar … Continue reading