More friends in need.

And you can enjoy the end results as well! 

There is a little restaurant on University Avenue in Saint Paul that I’ve been going to for years. They’re dying because of the Borg Collective… make that the light rail construction, in the area. This family has worked very hard to build a wonderful business. A great meal is to be had at Mai Village but it’s a bear to get there because nanny has decided we need to ride trains. That’s a real shame, because it’s one of the most beautiful restaurants you’ll ever visit. They have a huge Koi pond for starters.

I know a few business owners on University and all of them are hurting from this construction. My friends at The Best Steak House are also seeing a slump in business.

Did these businesses deserve this?  No. Can you help them? Yes. Merely spend your dollars there instead of at a big chain this coming week. They have plenty of seating available and would love to see you come in to have a meal.

I just changed my Father’s Day plans from barbecue to Asian. Please consider it yourself.

Thanks. These immigrant families have worked too hard to build their businesses to let nanny kill them off.

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