Master Chief’s and Mental Fortitude.

Tuesday was a strange day in several respects. Remember a week ago when it snowed a little in Minnesota? And last Saturday when it was 36 degrees when I got off work? Today it was 96. And that meant I had to clean the air conditioning system.

I will spare you the gory details, but it comes down to: “Curse those pidgeons with a thousand nuclear sunrises.” That would be coupled with: “The dining room unit fan wheel is completely caked in mold and dust. I have to scrape each of approximately 180 minature blades by hand. Please shoot me.”

I took a break from my moldy wall unit and went to get my pre-surgical physical. Seems they won’t operate on you if you’re too sick to survive. I passed. Barely. Thankfully they don’t inquire too deeply as to your character.

Three significant things happened at the clinic today. Probably most significant is that I am losing my doctor of the last few years. Dang it. She is the epitome of the doctor I want taking care of me and she has been kind, funny, tolerant, most pleasant, and professional. But she’s got some other fish to fry (low-fat oil, I’m sure). It is the loss of her patients here in Minnesota. Best wishes, Dr. Sudha Chadalawada.

One of the staff had a question for me when she found out that I write a Christian Blog (worldview, versus preaching – which explains the ABBA videos and dog stories): How do you keep your spirits up as the world circles the drain?

I had to think about that for a few minutes. The short answer is that I trust in Jesus to take care of the faithful. It’s really the only way you can cope with the current world situation. It is especially helpful to pray and reflect given the downward spiral of the moral and ethical situation in The United States of America. I have to add, however, that I am discouraged on occasion by our prospects for the future. For the first time in my life I am actually glad to be past the 1/2 way point of my time on the planet. I won’t be around to see the truly awful things that are clearly headed this way.

I will not give up the fight here on Earth, because there are still souls that need to know Jesus and be saved. But I’m settled into the idea that the “end days” foretold in The Bible are either upon us or coming rapidly. We win the battle in the end but it will be discouraging to watch evil take over in the meantime. And doesn’t it seem that way of late? Only by looking forward to our reward in Heaven can we tolerate the pain here on this planet in this life.

So the answer is: It’s in God’s hands.

The final event – well, it’s the Master Chief part of the title. And I’ve decided to save it for another post.

I hope your day is blessed with the strength that you can draw from God. Take some time today to pray, listen to Christian music, watch a family movie, pet an old dog, or just have coffee with your spouse. And I’ll catch you tomorrow.

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