Healing – & semi-automatic fire.

First things first – I need to go to the range more often. Not that my skills are atrophying, but I need that fun boost from burning powder and Break-free. Second thing – I need another source of revenue if I’m going to get all of the man-toys that I want.

I fell in love with a “black gun” today. One of the ones that if you leave it unattended for more than 30 seconds it will hop out of its case and start sniping at innocents. Really, it’s true! Or don’t you watch MSNBC?

Seriously, it was a lovely 5.56 M-4A4 carbine from Windham Weapons and it was a delight to shoot. For those of you who don’t enjoy the shooting sports I send my condolences. I have been an enthusiast since I was a minor and it has been the one sporting constant in my life. Other sports came and went, but marksmanship stayed around to this day. I appreciate the skills required to do it well, the coordination, the hard work keeping weapons in working order, and the practice required to be good at the whole thing.

And I enjoy the camaraderie. I can honestly say I’ve never gone to the range and walked away less happy than when I walked in the door. You get to do something inherently fun, hang out with people of a like mind, and occasionally take the chance to break bread afterward.

That’s what I did today. And while breaking bread I was able to rejoice with my friend about the changes in their life. We’d gone on a mission trip a while back and become friends while hanging out in the rain forest. Now we meet up to go to the range from time to time. And today I was able to catch up with him over some very tasty food at Holy Land. He’s doing great and it was wonderful to hear about where his life is today.

Well, I’m going to put on my handcuffs and wait for the authorities. I just realized that I’ve outed myself on the blog as a conservative, evangelical, Christian who owns guns and likes military style weaponry because it’s fun to shoot. I figure Homeland Security should be here about ten minutes after I post this update. Good thing I’ve set it to go up on the web long after I’ve fled the scene. (I have to go to eat some fatty food – another strike.) Did I mention that I’m a disabled Vet? I’m sure that’s good for a few color upgrades on the warning label.

Have a blessed day and remember – a clean weapon is a happy weapon!

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Healing – & semi-automatic fire. — 2 Comments

  1. As I understand it, I am the best bad-arse wife in the UNIVERSE because I gave my husband a Glock for his birthday. Yep. I’m THAT wife!

    Hey Joe, let’s go shooting sometime!