Three of the greatest freedom fighters of the 20th Century are now gone.

There’s an awful lot of twaddle out there about “freedom fighters” when you search the internet. Most of those held up as freedom fighters are more accurately murderous thugs and usually poorly groomed. Rarely do you find people described as freedom fighters who actually accomplished what they started out to do (free those in bondage), rather more likely that you’ll see a picture of their funeral.

Today I’d like to point out that Pope John Paul II, Margaret Thatcher, and Ronald Reagan were able to accomplish their goal while still in office. They, and it was a collaborative effort, managed to defeat Soviet Communism and free the people of the Eastern Bloc. No small accomplishment.

Along the way they pushed back the tide of socialism that threatened to engulf both Great Britian and the United States. Sadly Britian has fallen further now than before Mrs. Thatcher arrived in office. The United States is apparently doing it’s best to throw away any sense of liberty we once had, but there is still great hope for the future.

I will miss all three of these leaders. The death last week of Mrs. Thatcher marks the end of an era. I hope to see leaders like them again in my lifetime but I’m not optimistic. Then again, nobody expected a former California Governor, an industrial chemist, or a Polish Priest to change the world in the way that these three did in their lifetimes.

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Three of the greatest freedom fighters of the 20th Century are now gone. — 1 Comment

  1. So true Joe. I hadn’t really thought about Pope John Paul II but when you tagged him I recalled immediately how he stepped out and spoke out with courage not seen nor heard before from that office (at least not to my recollection). When great people like these keep leaving, I wonder about the future. Where is truth outside of God, Jesus and the Holy Spirit? And where are the great leaders outside of those tapped to action by God?