Gordon Ramsey is hunting me down after this post.

I was up early this morning – the ridiculous asthma attack continues. Seems to be getting better for a while then it slides back to the “I wish I could breathe/quit coughing” stage. Last night was a good one until 0400 – then it was inhaler/hydrate/codeine time. Truly thought I was going to rip some muscles.

But after drugging myself in an appropriate and clinically minimal way I managed to go back to sleep. Until 07:41:32 when Stormy decided I should get up. Two loud barks from downstairs. Thirty seconds later she’s in my doorway with a single sharp bark. The girl has a sense of timing.

Not one to squander my time I made coffee and toast. The eggs in the fridge were taunting me. I’ve watched hundreds of hours of cooking shows over the last decade and rediscovered my fondness for poached eggs. The problem is that I don’t have any of the implements needed to properly poach an egg. But, being a barbarian, that is not a huge problem.

The answer is to take one large pot, fill it with boiling water and crack the eggs into the churning mess. Drain off most of the water a few minutes later. You lose some of the whites but the yolks are quite splendid. Throw them on the toast and serve.

I have to admit that I lack a little in the plating area. I took this picture just to taunt Gordon. Poorly poached eggs on a camping plate? Muwahahahhahahahahah! Yes! Fact is, they taste the same as the fancy plate with the fruit garnish.

Gordon - I'm waiting!

I enjoyed them just before watching Gordon Ramsey’s Behind Bars, a new series on British television. Pretty entertaining stuff. The link takes you to the website where you can stream the video. First dish he challenges them with? Eggs. Figures.

Turned out that will be the gourmet meal of the day. It is dropping bb-sized pellets of ice from the sky right now. I had elected to skip church this morning with my bark unabated. God will let me off the hook, the other congregants might not have after the 25th coughing spell in the first half hour. I’m really glad I’m not out on the roads. It’s going to be terrible for the next few hours. It’s right at the freezing point and with rain and hail on the roads it will be as slippery as one could make it.

How did I spend the time? Judges. I almost laugh when I read the old testament sometimes. It seems that I’m not the most stubborn person in the universe. Judges dwells a bit on the faithlessness of the Israelite. But my favorite part is that they constantly get out of one jam with God’s help and then in the next paragraph they are right back worshiping false gods.

Some things never change, eh?

So, what false gods are you worshiping lately? And now that I’ve pointed it out to you, are you going to quit? We all need that check from time to time.


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  1. I have to admit – I’ve never had a poached egg. Yes, I’m going to have to try it. Maybe.

    I just finished a book/Bible study with a group. The study was No Other Gods by Kelly Minter. All about the gods we worship every day. Very interesting – and eye opening.