Time For More Free Stuff. Today It’s Jamie D. Greening with “The Last Message.”

As you have deduced, this is free. There’s a group of writers who’ve gotten together to help you get by during this season of enforced isolation. So far we’ve heard from Kathy Kexel, Jamie Greening, Joe Shaw, and me – but more to come next week. Yes, we recruited a bunch of other amazing writers from Athanatos (our publishing house) and they’ll be coming along in the next week. We’ll ramp this up to five, possibly seven, days a week.

All we ask is that you hit our Amazon pages and buy something. An audio book (mine are all listed on the blog edges) or one of our novels. It pays the bills. Why? We haven’t put this behind a paywall, no subscription fees, nada.

Without further ado, enjoy Jamie D. Greening’s submission for today: The Last Message! (Click the link and go right to his blog!) 

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