And Now, Previously Uncharted Territory From Joe Shaw: A Serial.

Joe Shaw is kicking off a multi-part entry today. Yup, serial stuff. We’re bringing out some new writers next week, and I’m excited. I’ve known these guys for years and they’re all fantastic authors. The kind I paid cash-money for the books. And, still have the books. All of them read.

So, right now we have Jamie D. Greening, Kathy Kexel, and Joe Shaw on the masthead. I’ll add the others next week. As always, there’s no fee, we’re doing this to help you pass the time. We do ask that you buy our books/audio books to help pay the freight here. But that’s up to you!


For the moment, however, go to the palace of Shaw and read the first installment of  “The Friendly Stop.”

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