Lazy Post. Oh, Big News As Well. Yeah, That New Book Cover And Cover Copy.

I know all of you have come here weekly to have your brains expanded. Today, in the wake of the past weekend, I’ve got little to offer. Why? I baked 100 minature sweet potato pies, created 3 pieces of cover art for the book, uploaded the manuscript to two different platforms, completed the audio book, quality checked the uploads, and then sent it off for ACX to do their review.

Other than that, I just sat around.

I hereby announce the publication of Nicholas of Haiti. It will be available on 22 November, 2018. Some versions are now available for pre-order, but the audio book is not yet there for sale.

Here’s the back cover copy:

Nick Bacon is a life interrupted. When his commercial airline flight explodes over Utah, killing everyone on board but Nick, his miraculous survival draws unwanted attention. The press can’t get enough of his story while the FBI is convinced he planted the bomb that took down his plane. All he wants is a place to heal and time to let the world forget him. Unable to return home, Nick accepts an offer to join a missionary medical team and flees to Haiti.

But Nick’s new life in Haiti is haunted by visions. He’s forced to examine his sanity and faith in a world of turmoil and chaos among a people he’s never met before. Aided by Andre, his Haitian translator and protector, Nick confronts the dark forces battling for his soul, and the soul of the abused little girl he’s only seen in his dreams.

Because in Haiti, there’s more than just Nick’s sanity at risk. The fate of the world may now depend on Nicholas of Haiti.

On the 22nd, you will have your choice of a Kindle, paper, and audio edition. It is NOT a sequel to Assault on Saint Agnes. It’s a stand-alone book and it’s quite a yarn. It’s something new for you from me, but it’s my first love as a writer: supernatural/speculative fiction. Very Christian in its focus, you will find a world of missionaries and Haiti that you never knew existed. Best of all, all proceeds from the sales of the Kindle and paper editions are being donated to a charity that works in Haiti.

Without further ado, the book cover (the Kindle and paper versions are slightly different in font and color) and the audio book cover:

You may notice that the cover model is just some random idiot I found on the internet. He works cheap.

You can pre-order the book at this link (the audio book will be there by the 22nd):

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My second novel, Nicholas of Haiti, will be available Thanksgiving weekend. Put aside your money for the Kindle, print, and audio book versions. This is not a sequel to Assault on Saint Agnes, but a unique book in the speculative Christian fiction world.
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