Gosnell: A Review

This past weekend my wife accepted my invite to go see a movie. I’ve got to tell you, Gosnell isn’t a date movie for most people. It made me think of the infamous Seinfeld where Jerry is making out during Schindler’s List.

With that out of the way, I really have to admire the movie. I wrote about the case back in 2013 when the press was ignoring it, and am very familiar with what happened. But most of America has no clue what a gruesome killer Kermit Gosnell actually is when the facts are examined.

This movie, without doing anything graphic (it rates a PG-13), tells the story of the most prolific mass-murderer in modern America. The acting is superb, the story is well told and taut. It should win awards, but will vanish as the press refuses to even carry reviews.

Gosnell’s trailer is here:

So, my usual movie review follows:

Well shot. The quality of the film is strong. I had only one moment where the reality was suspended, and I won’t give it away except to say that it didn’t matter to the plot.

Characters were well developed.

I wanted to beat Nick Searcy to a pulp. Yeah, he’s that good in his role as Mike Cohan. Knocking the smile right off of his face was an urge that overtook me during the movie. That’s ironic, because I really like the real Nick Searcy. He’s a gifted actor, and a comedic genius. To see him in this role was amazing. He directed the film as well, and did an excellent job.

Earl Billings is a very brave man to play Kermit Gosnell. Not only does he risk the ostracism of the left in Hollywood, but everyone who walks out of the theater is bound to hate his face. Yes, he portrays evil perfectly.

All of the other major players were not just good, but believable. I didn’t find a performance that wasn’t spot-on for tone.

The sound on the movie is enough to give you the jitters – perfect for a horror movie.

Look, I’m not going to apologize for saying that I find abortion to be a physical manifestation of Satan in our land. I think that guys like Gosnell are demonic in their bloodlust. But that also applies to any doctor who performs an abortion. I have enough friends that are doctors that I truly believe that there is no such thing as a medically necessary abortion. In every case, or so they tell me, that baby will either not hurt the mother, or could live outside the womb if given a chance.

Abortion is a sin. It’s that simple. And this excellent movie brings home the evil in a thundering manner.

Don’t take your kids. I’m as tough as nails and it upset me to watch the movie. But if you’re a person who believes in God, a person who complains that there’s not enough “good” entertainment out there, you need to support this movie. Use it as an outing for your church. Talk about it afterward. Pray for those lost souls who continue to kill babies. And pray that they change their hearts and abandon this horrible form of infanticide.

Now, go see it before the movie is out of the theaters. Then tell a friend. Why? Because Gosnell will be a seminal moment for you in many cases. You will either find outrage and grief in your heart, or be on the side of a mass-murderer. It’s that simple.

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