Please Return To Your Seat. After You Wash Your Hands With Dove.

I was going to write a blog last week that criticized several major figures in the news. I was going to make it completely generic, and then at the very end point out that those of you who agreed with me just didn’t like the people involved and were ignorant of their actual positions. I never got the shot – real life events are even stranger.

Yesterday the internet’s sewer, social media, lit up with a Social Justice Warrior bashing of Dove soap. There was a gif posted that was condemned as racist. In the gif, a black woman took her shirt off over her head and transformed to a white woman. Oooohhhh – black people are dirty and Dove is evil. Memes abounded, minds were lost, Dove apologized.

Except… well, there was a third panel to the gif where a “woman of color” emerged when the white woman peeled her shirt off over her head. Yeah. I guess the message might have been “We’re all the same underneath, but the skin on top sure could use some Dove to get it clean.” That never happened, because someone edited the gif and destroyed Dove before noon.

The saddest part is that the minute I saw the crap-storm, I knew it was a fake. How? Because it was too obvious. Major corporations almost never attempt to destroy their brand that way- except the NFL. They seem hell-bent on driving away the fans. But Dove got screwed by the lunatic left.

Why is that sad? Because all sorts of otherwise thoughtful people I know hopped on the wagon and started throwing moldy turnips. There was no pause for thought, no questioning the hate they had been fed. In some cases it was clear that because their black friend had posted the screed, the white person had to be more outraged or be adjudged racist. Really? Wow. If not going nuts and jumping right in over a controversy dooms you to being a racist, just get me a hood. Some of you have decided that I must wear one when nobody is looking anyway, and it’s getting cold out. My head could use the warmth.

Back to the real world. Don’t believe everything you see on Facebook. Whether it’s Alex Jones and Infowars, or Black Lives Matter, they (everyone repeat after me) all have a product to sell, and want your money. I think I’ve said that about 10 times on this blog over the past few years. Every extreme position wants you to fund them. Period.

So, back to the original post – it’s just too choice not to post it after working up all the people above. (Yeah, I lose readers everytime I spout the truth. The truth, that is, that most of what you see on the internet is absolute crap.)

A whole bunch of the same people lost their minds when President Trump took action on DACA. If you’d like to learn a bit, and perhaps expand your horizons, read on. If you prefer to spew leftist talking points and sound bites, pretending that they are rational, adult views, you can return to your on-line copy of The Nation and use that new cover as a dartboard.

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DACA, as the link above stated, was a decision by the Obama administration to not prosecute illegal aliens. Mind you, they were smallish illegal aliens, but none-the-less they were not born here, and therefore not entitled to be here without going through the immigration process. Because calling it the “We’re not going to enforce the law and let this bunch of future voters slide decision” would be a mouthful, and all-too-truthful, the marketing whizzes at the Democrat party called it the Dreamers Act. Now, in the United States, acts are usually by Congress and known as laws. By mislabeling this thing (*not officially, but in all the public statements*) it made it sound like all of these little children (some of whom were 31 at the time of this decision – that’s a mighty big kid in my opinion…) were merely being protected from the evil government, and all would grow up to be doctors, lawyers (we have enough of that group), and nuclear rocket surgeons. Never was it mentioned that a “dreamer” might be a seriously underpaid indentured servant, a janitor, a painter, a roofer, a sales clerk… nope, all were future stars of society.

This clearly was unconstitutional. The President has prosecutorial discretion, but to take on an entire class of people breaking the law (yes, if you slip across the border, you are illegal) and use this as a replacement for the legally mandated immigration process, is clearly a violation. He (Obama) flaunted the law after repeatedly promising not to do what he actually did with this decision. Here’s his position before running for President:

So what, exactly, did Satan… I mean President Trump (Sorry, I was listening to NPR a while ago and it must have “earwigged” me) do that was so terrible? He said that this unconstitutional circumvention of legal process regarding immigration was going to be curtailed regarding enrollment immediately, and ended completely in six months with all prosecutorial items on the table once again. Further, he advised that during the next six months, the collection of lying and self-important idiots (my opinion, not NPR) that constitutes Congress, had best do their danged jobs and pass some kind of immigration reform that he would actually sign. If they want to preserve the status of any small kids dragged here against their will, he would consider it, but they (the lying/selfish/puffed-up idiots in Congress) had to actually pass a bill and send it to him.

Holy Crap! He’s asking the governmental process to do what it should… He is not just taking unilateral action to circumvent the law – unlike his predecessor.

Here’s the deal: he’s trying to uphold the law. Now, you might not like the law, but what he’s doing is the right thing. If you fault him for not “just fixing it” on this item, you must then accept his unilateral action on other things that you like even less. That’s the beauty of our system: it has checks and balances. He cannot/should not just make things happen when they belong to the legislative process. Obama did that frequently, and the wimps in Congress didn’t have enough spine to fight it. He (President Trump) is more-or-less double-dog-daring Congress to do their jobs and uphold the rule of law.

Me? I like the rule of law. One set of rules for everyone. This enforcement of federal immigration law does not deport any children born in the United States. But it does present a dilemma to their families – do we abandon the child and leave because we’re here illegally, or do we take them along. This is a situation completely of their own doing. Nobody forced them over the border at gunpoint and made them give birth here in the United States. Sound harsh? I don’t think so. You see, we have been tacitly rewarding people for breaking our laws by not enforcing them. They are now going to be enforced. It is up to the Congress to decide what law will be enforced six months from now when President Trump’s decision takes effect.

You see, all he is doing is upholding the law and not acting like an authoritarian. Isn’t that what you wanted?

Oh, and before you unfollow me, or send me nasty comments/emails, I’d like to remind you that the nation without laws is no nation at all – it is a hopeless cause. I want the laws enforced fairly for all. This being said, I will miss you as a reader if you go. But if you are intellectually honest, President Trump is not the problem here, he’s merely trying to get the system back on track. Don’t believe me? Listen to his opponents:

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Please Return To Your Seat. After You Wash Your Hands With Dove. — 3 Comments

  1. Agreed. Well said, Joseph.

    The unlawful acts by previous President Obama are many and damaging. He just about destroyed this great nation in so many different ways. Thank God he had mercy on us and may He continue to shine His face upon the mess made. We know the end of the Book, but prayers can delay outcomes in God’s worlds – at least for awhile.

  2. Nicely said and informative. I have nieces that are mixed races and we can have great discussions most of the time. However, there are times, they will argue their side and when they are losing the argument…they will state I have white privilege and when I am losing, I will state Mexican American and take Spanish in high school and get a C. They don’t know any Spanish but it doesn’t make them any less proud of their race and I love them for it! I tell you this to echo your statement, because I am white and male, I am what the other establishment despises. There is nothing that I can say that won’t be twisted because of what they see. I hope this country can be united once again. We are the greatest country in the world because of all the people who make up this country.