Happy Birthday, Marine Corps!

I salute all of those who are now serving, have honorably served in the past, or will honorably serve in the future in the United States Marine Corps. I hoist a tankard of ale from Tun’s Tavern to the “Shores … Continue reading

Has everybody had a chance to breathe?

**This is NOT a political post** It’s been a few days since the election and I hope both sides have had a chance to calm down. While I write this the sun is coming up over the horizon, there’s a … Continue reading

The glory that is television.

When this posts I’ll already be wandering around a cow barn in Wisconsin wearing a Santa suit. Yes, it may be the perfect place for my intellect to mature but I’m there to film a television commercial. We’ll also be … Continue reading

Guest bedroom sheets.

I have discovered the perfect sheets for the guest bedroom. Perhaps you are aware of the Bedouin tradition of accepting any visitor to their camp for three days? Even their enemies (assuming they don’t get nailed before asking for refuge.) … Continue reading