To all the Veterans, a salute.

I’m a vet. Yeah, I babble about it a bit too much. But if there is a vet anywhere who doesn’t think that their time in the military wasn’t one of the greatest influences in their life I haven’t met them yet.

This morning I have on my dad’s watch in honor of the Marine Corps birthday.

Dad's watch.

The next picture sits on the plate rail in my dining room. (Yes, we were both undesignated E-3 students in our wedding photo.)

My wedding photo - she's a beauty!

I could not be more proud of my service. I was blessed by God to serve a great nation with good people. Many of whom are no longer here today to enjoy a discount at a restaurant or a thank you from a grateful citizen. And many more suffer from injuries, both physical and mental, much more profound than my creaky damaged parts and lousy hearing. I’m up and about. I’m one of the fortunate ones.

I won’t ramble too much today but I do ask that you salute the vets that you meet along the path in your life. Don’t wait for November 11th each year, do it every day. They are the true 1%.

And if you ever wore the uniform: Thanks. I’m grateful to you. Doesn’t matter if you cooked in a kitchen in Kansas, served in Vietnam, flew over the Gulf of Sidra, or handed out sick-call chits to malingerers in Florida. You served. Be proud of that and enjoy the day.

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