Joe Paterno is vanished.

The officials at Penn State have removed a statue that honored Joe Paterno. In a move that Josef Stalin would have liked, the former hero of Penn State has been vanished. Much like Nikolai Yezhov was removed from a famous picture, … Continue reading

Walt Longmire/Craig Allen Johnson Fanboy alert.

This summer has been a tough one for me. Health problems for a family member, the stress and burnout that came with crashing through the wall and completing my second novel in 1/2 the time originally allotted, website updates for … Continue reading

Facebook Civility.

I don’t “Facebook” much (yes, another instaverb, compliments of modern society) because it bores me. I’m a spectator in that realm. I don’t have much to say to most of my friends but I do enjoy keeping up with the … Continue reading