Pearl Harbor Day Christmas Music Videos

Nothing says “Christmas” quite like the promise of something spectacular and festive from Tommy Tune. How Bing Crosby ever took the title from him is beyond me. Here we’ve got New York At Christmas to prove that point. Speaking of … Continue reading

November 23 Is The Day For Most Excellent Christmas Music

Some of our traditions are a little strange here on the blog. That’s fine with me. In the spirit of Christmas, and the strange, I’m kicking off the Christmas music video Friday theme with The Night Santa Went Crazy by … Continue reading

Weird Al Isn’t The Only One With Grammar Issues.

So, a few weeks ago I started a new book. Writing one. Not reading one. I am now obsessing about my lousy spelling, poor punctuation, and bad grammar. It’s not totally paralyzing, but it’s close on occasion. Like looking back … Continue reading