Weird Al Isn’t The Only One With Grammar Issues.

So, a few weeks ago I started a new book. Writing one. Not reading one. I am now obsessing about my lousy spelling, poor punctuation, and bad grammar. It’s not totally paralyzing, but it’s close on occasion. Like looking back at the start of this post and wondering if I use that device of “So, …” too often in this blog. (I know, the answer is probably yes if I have to wonder. Did that yes need quotes?)

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I have learned, and been told, that you need to write without self-editing the thing as you go. Easier said than done for obsessive compulsive types. But for all of you out there who obsess, and I suspect compulse, (no pictures please) here’s a video of Weird Al Yankovic singing Word Crimes. It ought to lighten your day. (Grammar Nazi types may leave the room now before they start banging their heads on the table.)

See you next week.

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