W.A.G. Is The Media Mode Today

Once upon a time, in my youth, we had an expression in the intelligence world: “W.A.G. it.” It meant Wild Assed Guess. (Sorry if that offends, but the context is important) “Wagging” was used when you had a minimum amount … Continue reading

Nuke ’em, France

I know the French have tactical nuclear weapons. Plenty of low-yield items out there that are available for general use in desert climates. Now, more than ever, is the time to nuke some assorted targets in sandy places. Time to … Continue reading

It’s Half-way Night.

In the naval tradition, the crews of warships celebrate a night that is the 1/2 way point of their deployment abroad. In the modern era this is a bit dicey, as deployments seem to go on endlessly for some ships. … Continue reading