Wondering How I’m Doing? Didn’t Think So.

Periodically I figure I should give you some updates on how my life is going. Then I remember that’s pretty much all this blog is, and my sense of vanity diminishes just a bit.

Nonetheless, there are a few things that I’d like to cover so you can all return to watching Llamas with Hats on youtube.com. *(No, they are not worksafe, childsafe, or any kind of safe. They’re just plain twisted. And, pretty much guaranteed to offend almost all of you.)*

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First, Assault on Saint Agnes update. The sales are building, the reviews slow on coming in (have you gone to Amazon and reviewed it yet? Please do it right now!) but the stuff authors live for is very rewarding. What do I mean? Here are two examples.

The first, a review from Rachel:

I would like to thank you for writing one of the best books I have read in a VERY long time. And yes I am an avid reader. I was sent your book because I had won it on Goodreads. You even took the time to autograph it for me.

I started it on Sunday (yesterday) and only stopped because I had to get some sleep last night. I just finished it this morning (at work) LOL.

I am really hoping you have more in works.

Scary thing about this book is that it actually could happen.

Thank you so much for giving me a day of pure reading enjoyment!! You have just acquired a new follower!!

Nice, eh?

So, next, a true story. I’d sold a copy to a coworker a few weeks back. Said coworker then went on vacation. On that vacation, his spouse had a terrible accident and was forced to undergo emergency surgery and a stay in the ICU. The whole time their future was hanging in the balance.

When I next saw the coworker and inquired about his wife, he profusely thanked me for having written Assault on Saint Agnes. Why? Seems that during the hours they spent waiting for his wife to come up for air after surgery he was able to distract himself with the book. It pulled him out of his current misery and let him escape to the world I’d created. “It was the break I needed to get by.”

Good enough for me. If I do nothing else with the book, having relieved that man’s burden for those harrowing hours is reward enough.

Stormy update:

The drugs are working. It’s the afternoon of Independence Day and she’s doing very well. A little Benadryl later and she’ll be fine. Much better than we’d ever hoped for. She even spent time laying on my chest while I watched a movie today. She now likes to snuggle. Finds comfort in the process. Yup, Prozac is helping.

Finally, sequel and other books update. They are moving forward. Big project, but getting it done. I’ll keep you posted.

As always, thanks for dropping by today. I value you all as my audience.

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Assault on Saint Agnes is now available. Just click this link to find all the options! (I recommend the autographed copy. It’s cheaper than from the big stores, I scribble in it, and you get it mailed within 5 days. We all win.

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