Within The Veil: A Book Review *****

Before any of you start grabbing at my man card to revoke it, read the whole thing.

Yes, it is a seriously girly book. It’s not for the average reader of Kyle Mills, Lee Child, or Joseph Courtemanche. That does not, however, change the fact that Within The Veil is a well written book which will be wildly entertaining to many readers. I read it as part of the launch team. Brandy is an old friend of mine, and we’ve covered a lot of ground as authors that was equally rocky and beautiful.

Within The Veil

Within The Veil

Brandy Vallance

Brandy Vallance

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So, here’s the review I posted on Goodreads, and I’ll be posting at Amazon sometime today.

Within The Veil Proves The Sophomore Slump Doesn’t Apply To Brandy Vallance

Full Disclosure: I received an advance copy of Within The Veil as part of the launch team in exchange for a fair and honest review.

Now, on to the meat.

The world of fiction, both secular and Christian, is overloaded with half-witted bodice-rippers and chaste Amish girls seeking the bishop’s son. Thankfully Brandy Vallance hasn’t read, or written, any books like that dreck. Instead, she turns out excellent books that are stylish, engaging, and well-researched. Within The Veil is well worth your time if you’re looking for a romantic read with an actual plot, characters that have multiple facets, and some very cool dialogue with a dash of dialect.

An insightful look into the social structure of the British Isles during the reign of Victoria, and the Gypsies (the Romani to many) of that same era, it’s more than a love story.

It’s an adventure, a journey, a tale of sadness, of an unusual physical disorder, and a really good read.

I’m a guy’s guy. I go to the range, I dress badly, and I write novels with guns, terrorists, bombs, and really evil characters. This is not a book that I’d read under normal circumstances, but as part of the launch team I figured I’d survive the pages and retain my man card. I did. I also came away quite entertained and amused. It was a really good book, one that readers of the genre (again, both Christian and secular) will enjoy.

Brandy is a truly gifted writer with a lot of stories to share. I look forward to her next one, and hope that she’ll include me on the launch team for that nugget of gold as well.

I give Within The Veil five stars. Well written, engaging characters, great dialogue, and a plot that keeps moving right along.

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