Just Another Brick In The Wall.

I completely understand that the title of this blog is without meaning in the context of today’s post. So why name it something unrelated? Eh, well, my publisher and publicist/social media person both like Pink Floyd and that song cropped up in a chat session last week. See how clear that is now? I’m loopy.

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Loopy for a good reason. Today the final brick in the wall plopped into it’s spot: the audio book is now available. I guess the title did have some meaning after all. For new readers you should know, I sometimes amble about in a fog. Old readers are already switching back to youtube.com to see what those wacky pygmy goats are up to this week. (The first goat kind of sounds like me in chapter 17. It wasn’t a good day to record…)

Seriously, it’s all out there now. I’ve laid my soul bare and given it my all. There is a great risk in doing your own audio book: you can really mess it up. I have an additional challenge in my hearing. Yup, can’t hear a number of tones, some of them in the human vocal range. So I have to quality check the thing by cranking the volume and studying the wave forms on the screen. I have been assured by an unbiased judge of such things (my wife) that I did a good job. I’ve been recording books for others (the blind) for a number of years. Initially that’s what got me a break in the voice over field. I did it for the Minnesota State Services for the Blind and then did a book or two as a personal favor to some others without vision. Greatest compliment ever was when I was told that she forgot it was me reading the book and imagined Steve Harvey reading his own book.

I’m not Steve Harvey. I suspect he’ll forgive me for recording his book for a blind lady who’s a huge fan of his but can’t afford the book. But for my friend to forget my color, age, and level of fame and imagine the author reading it, was one of the greatest compliments I could have as a talent.

I may be rambling. It’s well after midnight and I’ve been busy since seven this morning with “author stuff” and the day job.

Thank you for dropping by today. Go watch the goats. Go watch Steve Harvey. Then, and only then, go listen to the sample chapter of my book on Amazon. I hope it grabs you.

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