The Wound Weeps.

I’m going to ask a favor from all of you: say a kind word to someone today who’s hurting.

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What kind of hurting? I spent some quality time today with a beautiful woman who had lost her heart. She’s smart, funny, kind, strong, and devastated.

What could I do? I could pray with her. I could tell her that you can’t eat an elephant in one bite. I could do a lot of nothing for this fine person who’s young enough to be my daughter. Except try to point out how exceptional she is and that this will pass with time.

It was enough to get a smile after a while. Deep down, under all the hurt, there’s a spark that didn’t go out when her heart ruptured. She will rekindle that spark and turn it into a blazing fire down the road. She’ll someday smile at her grandchildren and hope that they never have a bad one like thisone. Because while you survive it you’re not sure you will for quite some time.

I drove home thinking about all of the people I know who are lonely, sad, divorcing, seeking, lost, hoping, and in need of that moment or two of time with someone who wants nothing from them, but is willing to share joy with them. There are a lot of them out there in this world.

I thank God that I’m not one of them. Truly, were it not for my beloved wife, I would be one of them. I was terribly shy with women before I met her all those years ago. A good indication of that is that she had to ask me to dance. She didn’t know what a can of worms she was opening with that simple request. Now she’s stuck with me. But if it weren’t for that moment 31 years ago and some change, I’d likely be in the crowd numbered above.

Am I that special that I should have a love like this? I rather doubt it. All of the people on my mind at this moment are special as well. Talented, kind, funny, mean, beautiful, ugly, and my friends. I think we all have those traits from time to time.

What should you do? Be kind when you see that hurt. Don’t rush on to the next thing on your list. Listen. Don’t fix, just listen and be a smile with eyes that don’t look away. Pray. Pray with them. Show them the abundance of love that God has shown you. Share that love: He didn’t put it in a bottle just for you to hide under a rug. You’ve got enough from Him to spread it around each day.

That’s all.

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