Soaring Through Stars: The Review

Let’s start with the shortest book trailer in the industry:

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Soaring Through Stars

Soaring Through Stars

Rajdeep Paulus

Rajdeep Paulus

Another of my semi-infamous book reviews follows. Full disclosure: I received an advanced copy of this book for review purposes in a PDF format. I paid nuttin for it – zero/zip/nada. That’s really cool in my opinion: free books just to review them.

Soaring Through Stars, by Rajdeep Paulus, is the third book in her young adult series. I got a chance to read it before it was polished. I loved it. So when you like a book before it’s fully edited it says a lot about the quality of the writing. I’m assuming Raj polished it to perfection before publishing. It’s getting 5 Stars today on The review on the blog, will publish next week.

This young adult series touches on the lives of young people trapped in a world of domestic abuse, and their struggle to free themselves and launch into adulthood. For those of you who are in your middle years (like me) it’s hard to grab a Young Adult fiction work and identify with the characters. Not so with Rajdeep’s books. I remember being that age and having the kind of muddled thoughts and hopes that these characters do in the book. Paulus brilliantly captures that painful struggle all of us encountered, and layers in the violent abuse by their father in an artful manner.

I don’t know if you cheer for characters when you read, but I sure did when I finished the book. I won’t give it away, but Rajdeep Paulus takes the story to a brilliant conclusion. One that is worth more than the meager asking price on Kindle.

Will there be a book four? I certainly hope so for my sake. I would recommend these works to any parent for their children over the age of 14. There are sensitive topics, and the adult should be ready to answer some tough questions from their children. But it’s all about topics they’ve heard about, or experienced with their friends, already. Paulus gives you a great door-opening work to bring the discussion to the table.

Thanks, Rajdeep Paulus, for a great book. Soaring Through Stars is an excellent piece of fiction.

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