On Deadline: You Get This Nonsense

I’ll be back next week. This week is dedicated to finishing a new novel so that I can enter it in a contest. You’ll be glad for the break, trust me.

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So, first, the random picture.

I picked that one because it’s where the cursor landed when the mouse wheel spun in the gallery. But it’s a good pic, three generations of assorted spooks, sailors, and Marines. (How come they get honked if you don’t capitalize but the rest of us are cool with it?)

Now, a rant: McDonalds, your new bags are too thin. They rip every time. Especially with your boxed products. I know it’s saving you money, but I’ll flip in the extra 5 cents for a bag that makes it to the car.

Now, a dog picture.


Finally, thank you all for coming by. I promise real content next week.

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