Stormy Versus Reality, Round 4,573,392

One of us is nuts. Most people will vote for me being crazier than the sheepdog, but I beg to differ.

One, or more, of us is nuts.

One, or more, of us is nuts.

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Let’s start with that picture and talk about my love affair with the dog in the lower left corner. I took that picture during the summer of 2014. We were both sitting on the back step enjoying the day when she cuddled up. Yes, my dog, the standoff queen. The camera came out and the moment was captured.

Her behavior, on occasion, is either bizarre or sweet. Let’s talk about Mrs. Bunny. Stormy and Mrs. Bunny have a curious relationship. Mrs. Bunny is stupid and often turns the wrong way when being chased. This means that Stormy almost catches her, and it’s only by God’s grace that the rabbit is still around to torment her at this point. Does that stop Stormy? No. However, I seriously question her genetic code when she looks right past the rabbit and prioritizes barking at the bird on the phone line. Maybe she’s cutting the little butterball a break. Or, she is so disconnected with how to feed herself that birds are more attractive as prey.

Speaking of food, I regularly try to poison her with dog biscuits. My wife never is suspect in this plot to kill the dog, just ask the dog. But when I offer her a “cookie” she often sits there closed mouthed and will not make eye contact. On other occasions, with the same body language and tone of voice, she scarfs it gladly.

There is a third instance of cookie madness: the “you’re a cheap jerk” look. Stormy and I both could afford to lose weight. I break her overly large treats into smaller tidbits. I get the look on a regular basis. Mind you, I break down and toss her a potato chip, a gummy bear, or other treat on occasion just to break the monotony. I even bring home doggy heroin (Frosty Paws) for her from the store. But when she hears that cookie snap in half you’d think I’d just sentenced her to death by slow starvation.

I don’t wonder about her as much as I used to when she first arrived. It’s slowly dawned on me that she’s eccentric and finally comfortable in revealing those quirks to my wife and me. That’s love and trust winning out.

Right after Christmas she was needy. I hadn’t been around much and she was short on her morning snuggle sessions. When I get up I invite her on the couch while I watch the news. One morning I was headed out after just fifteen minutes. She looked panic stricken: “How can you leave so soon?” It was tough to put her in her room (my room when I’m in there, her room when it keeps her from barking at passing aircraft) as I left for work.

We’re both a little nuts. I felt the same way.

But I do love that picture. What a great looking dog. What an improvement in my life to have her in it.

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