Brian Williams Is Not Equivalent To Any Of The Ones You Are Pointing Out: Relative Evil/Lying Is still Lying/Evil.

Today it started: “Brian Williams just fibbed a little. What about…” Enough. Let’s talk about this below and sort out why this kind of stupidity is so hurtful to our processes.

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Bill O’Reilly is the main target of this stupidity. He once said he was in combat. He was pretty clear about where and when: as a reporter armed with a pen in Central America. He never claimed to be in the military (that I could find,) nor did he claim to be in combat with United States forces in the Persian Gulf. Bill isn’t everyone’s cup of tea, and I can barely stand him. I am not a regular viewer.

But it saddens me that people are purposely misconstruing his words (I sought out the clips and listened to them. Yes, on the left-wing Fox News bashing sites themselves. It’s very clear what he does/doesn’t say) just to make it political. It’s not. Bill is a pundit. But he didn’t lie about this issue.

Brian Williams is the voice of one of the largest companies in the nation. He has a nightly audience in the millions/tens of millions. He is allegedly a journalist, not a pundit. His lie about the aircraft taking fire is bad enough. But now his other reports are called into question. What about that dead body floating by during hurricane Katrina? Was that a lie? If it was, it helped turn the nation against the president more than any other statement I remember. What else was made up?

He had a significant platform that was supposedly impartial. O’Reilly was always a partisan for Bill O’Reilly. And that’s the last time I mention his name, for the rest of this post goes to the issue of bald-faced lying.

Speaking of Hillary Clinton, presidential candidate, she was even more egregious than Mr. Williams. She lied about many things, including Benghazi, during her time in the public eye. But none stands out more than the piece of video below. I didn’t make it up, they are the woman’s own words from her own evil mouth. Take a minute to watch and then read on below. (The source is CBS News. Not exactly a right-wing cabal.)

Simply put, no military unit, no Secret Service agent, no aide to the First Lady would allow her, and her child, to be brought into an area with an active sniper. The plane would have gone on elsewhere. Period. End of story. Only a completely deranged liar would put that story out with the video present to watch on the web, and thousands of people involved in that trip. That describes Mrs. Clinton.

I’m sure some of you are squirming in your seats about my political viewpoint. The truth is ugly. But if the press is on your side you figure you can get away with anything. If she hadn’t been running against Obama for the nomination at that moment, but was already in the general election phase, I’m pretty sure John McCain wouldn’t have been seeing that on his television when he tuned in at night. It would have been the sound of crickets.

I’ll make it clear to all of you for whom moral relativism is the daily flavor: I don’t care what someone else did, or did not, do in comparison to your boy/girl. If they are guilty of the deeds that Brian Williams clearly is, if they have twisted the truth as Hillary Clinton has, how can you repose trust and faith in them ever again? It’s not just a cute war story that gets better with a couple of vodkas at the VFW. Those are almost always embellished. That’s part of the context. We know they are embellished because they start with phrases like, “This is no ****” or “There I was, minding my own business” or “Back on the U.S.S. Ustafish, we had a kid…” We all know they’re “sea stories” and most are like fairy tales. Some are true. But we know how it’s done.

When you do it every night on NBC, or running for the White House, it’s not just a fib, it’s a public statement that you think all of us (watchers and voters) are stupid and deserve to be lied to so you can be more important. I hate the fact that these two evil (yes, evil) people who lie to all of us so boldly, will go on to regain most people’s respect because they will buy the spin and forget the truth.

That, ladies and gentlemen, is the work of Satan.

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I'm a conservative Christian author who's been happily married for over 30 years. I am a Veteran of the United States Navy, Naval Security Group. I speak a few languages, I have an absurd sense of humor and I'm proud to be an American.
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One Response to Brian Williams Is Not Equivalent To Any Of The Ones You Are Pointing Out: Relative Evil/Lying Is still Lying/Evil.

  1. Tim Moynihan says:

    Brother, I love your stuff. Americans have been inoculated to accept lying as normal so the integrity of our leaders is no longer important. It’s rampant cynicism and moral dumbing down… and yes, it is the work of the father of lies. Sadly, life experiences, job skills and character are no longer seen as qualifications for higher leadership positions. We have been trained to focus on the image and not the substance. Image over substance… hmmm… reminds me of something I read in Revelation 13:15.
    Keep up the good word/work, brother, and keep the faith. Our comfort is knowing God is not mocked (fooled) by any of it and He keeps very good books. God bless!

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