Zero Dark Thirty

We just had an early morning excursion to avoid wet rugs and lumps. Stormy, not me.

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Stormy is shining like the Sun.

Stormy is shining like the Sun.

Paws on the bed, panting, definite signs that we need something. Dogs have their own language.

Yesterday I was speaking the language of Migraine. First time in a long time where one was triggered by events. A stressful day where I felt stupid and inadequate. Lack of sleep, long week, overseas trip, and an avalanche of phone calls triggered a cluster-migraine.

Modern corporate legalism precludes kindness. But a coworker took one look at me and offered a head and neck rub. It may have saved my life until that Imitrex kicked in and started working. They risked charges of being nice and touching someone in need. Thank you, you know who you are.

When I got home my wife did the same for me. I crawled off to bed and was recovering when Barky Barkerson woke me up. She’s in the kitchen eating right now and I plan on being back in bed before 05:35. God willing.

I hope today is a good one for you. It’s already a better one for me. The migraine is gone. Bed beckons. The barking machine is quiet.

Be blessed and we’ll chat later.

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