I Live In Two Worlds

It is said that a picture is worth a thousand words. That’s good; this post is a few hundred light.

Papa Noel and a friend.

Papa Noel and a friend.

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Ten days ago I was bouncing around in the back of a modern covered wagon and playing rodeo clown while my team rendered medical aid to a victim of sexual assault.

Saturday I was debugging computer code in a device thousands of miles away while a host of people sat on the telephone line waiting for me to work my magic.

I get paid well to do both jobs. The first one pays off in spiritual satisfaction. The second pays off in dollars and intellectual satisfaction.

Sitting at my desk the differences between the two worlds I’ve inhabited in the space of ten days hits me pretty hard. I find myself comfortable in both worlds, but wondering where God needs me to be the most.

I’m working on that answer. For the time being, I will continue to make mission trips and do my best when the 9-5 job lets me escape. I will gladly come back to my comfortable cube, coffee cup, and warm home. I will also relish the unheated showers and the smiles of orphans that Haiti gives me.

I’m a pretty happy person a lot of the time. The ogre within me doesn’t come out as much as it used to do in the old days. But mess with my people and he’s right there: bad guy to tangle with in my opinion.

Papa Noel, the one the kids see, is a pretty likeable sort. He’s the guy holding the human eating machine in the picture. (Honest. That kid could eat me out of house and home given the chance. He put away twice the calories I did at the beach.He’s frowning because he’s not eating.) He loves the adventure and time spent with the children.

Today it’s the world of computers. Tomorrow? I’ll let God decide that one.

Either way, I’m good to go.

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